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Sunday, February 12, 2017

All around you ..

Open your hands and feel all that awesomeness
Molecules and atoms emerging from The Allness
Rearranging, becoming a sweet nourishment for all:
God of the universe Your Greatness we recall..

See with your eye's sight the beauty around you
Trees and the plantlets and creatures now peering though
Oceans and rivers and ant hills galore
Everything created is a gift from God's store..

Touch if you're willing:  the flowers now blooming
Grasses and dandelions and weed pods all booming
Dirt piles and sandlets and prickly plants too
All of God's wonders are waiting for you..

Hear if you're silent the voices now speaking
Echoes from the created are quietly leaking
Vibrating softly or heroically sounding
All of this universe is God's voice resounding

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