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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Return again...

Return again to the little things
To fun to laughter and the heart that sings
Return again to those slower times
When thoughts could create the purest rhymes..

For our lives have become  so busy, so loud
We're stuck in  traffic; we're lost in the crowd
We've bartered our happiness, we've lost our way
The rush, the world, is manipulating our day

Return again to the little things
To fun, to laughter, and the heart that sings
Return again to those slower times
When thoughts could create the purest rhymes

It's true that we're wealthier; we have it all
But time in diminished;  encounters are small
We work and we work and we stick to the grind
At the end of the day what peace do we find...?

Return again to the little things
To fun, to laughter, and the heart that sings
Return again to those slower times
When thoughts could create the purest rhymes

Do we need  it so much to make our way:
The hours,  the anguish, the overloaded day?
How much is really needed: and what are our needs?
The world creates  answers,. and plants its own seeds..

Return again to the little things
To fun, to laughter and the heart that sings
Return again to those slower times
When thoughts could create those purest rhymes..

The Heavens, they're singing their lullaby
Soothing our spirits as the angels try
To call out within us and point out the way
Needs are not wants and the night is not day...

Return again to the little things
To fun, to laughter and the heart that sings
Return again to those slower times
When thoughts could create those purest rhymes...

Monday, February 27, 2017

And so: You are

Dedicated to a very special person on her birthday 

Before you saw the light of day before you could even breathe
God saw the moment you would be born; He saw it: do you believe?
He whispered your name into our time and He spoke your days and years
He fashioned you before the world began: He knew them, all your tears

So it is that we, should celebrate and should  call to mind: your day
The moment, before your start began:  the hour you came our way
Like a bundled mass of cells and  atoms; a conjoining of molecules
You came into this great big world and your family received the news

You grew into the person you are: and you created your path in time
People who knew you would be so blessed; the angels would sing your rhyme
The world is so much better now and the earth is recording your life
The angels are counting them, one and all: the blessings you multiplied

Saturday, February 25, 2017

All for our happiness

Slowly the darkness is disappearing from sight
And vision is clearer for we can see light
Beauty and wonder and an outstanding glow
Emerge from our morning and blessings all flow...

The dew on the dancers that touch everywhere
Creates a new sparkle the glows here and there
Plantlets and tree limbs and flowering plants
Glow with a radiance that invites us to dance..

Slowly the breezes and the sounds of the trees
Set out to show us what nobody sees
That everything is ordered and everything is
Part of the picture that makes up our bliss..

Thursday, February 23, 2017

It's simple as prayer...

Words from the Heavens are falling to earth
Landing on creatures and creating rebirth
Plantlets and elements and insects galore
Everything is echoing God's goodness and more

Morning and evening and night time and day
Everything is whispering: has so much to say...
Carrying God's wisdom and carrying God's love:
Creatures and creation are gifts from above..

Must we be rushing and must we have noise
Have we some moments to hear our God's voice
To hear what is whispered and  see what is there....
We must take some time now: it's simple as prayer

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The angels

While everyone is sleeping and the world is at rest
Angels are watching and await our requests
Guarding and  protecting and being our peace
Sweet guardians, we thank you....You hear this the least

In daylight, at night time,  at work or at play
Spirits surround us and keep guard of our day
They're invisible but present; inaudible but there
Angels are guardians who will come with out prayer..

Friendly yet warning when reason requires
Angels, like conscience, will censure desires
They speak to our spirits and they speak to our heart
Present and ready to play their true part..

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Morning Minutes

The sky smiled brightly with the glow of the sun
Who reached out across her to touch everyone
While warming the universe and warming the air
Beams of God's sunshine were found everywhere

Squirrels were romping and jumping around
Shaking the branches that ruffled with sound
Gathering their breakfast and storing some meals
Bushy tailed creatures were making small hills

Butterflies were fluttering and making their flight
Landing and dancing and creating a sight
Colorfully calling the flowers and the plants:
"Join us, oh join us and let us all dance..."

My duties were calling so  I bid them goodbye:
Goodbye Mr Sun and you clouds passing by
Goodbye Mister squirrel and butterflies too
I'll seek you again when my day work is through

Monday, February 20, 2017

Morning is calling..........

Morning is calling and the night shadows leave us
The dawn, she's displaying: all  her colors so glorious
Quietness is overtaken by the sounds of the   breeze
Who's making her noises through the branches on the trees

Golden is the aura of the early morning sunrise
Softly it's overflowing  and  beautifying our skies
Touching  the elements,  the plantlets and the trees
Radiant is the color that the early riser sees...

Subtly the Spirit is whispering to the sleeper
Rise up and see it what is found out by the seeker
Beauty and awesomeness and  Divinity overflowing
Wake up and see it; for  the day is already glowing..

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Love them all...

The sign that I  would want to hold up and the protest that I would want to lead
Is the one saying \we should love "everybody" and help "everyone in need"
It isn't just about one specific group or about one specific crowd or creed
What about your ailing brothers and sisters..your neighbors  who also plead?

Some spend so much time on the yapping about the foreigner and the immigrant
Yet never notice their own  sister or  brother or their fellow americans:   get the hint
There is that right to own a home;  to have shelter and to have some food
But this right should be for everybody;  and not just those  stomping on the hood

Why is it we will rant and fuss;  and rage over the process of being free
But  never will make a whimper over the passport  we apply for and need?
We like to hoot and howl and say that everyone should have their rights;
But what about the ordinary American, who is homeless day and nights???

People are walking our streets: who were born here so true and so free
Who is holding a sign up  for them, saying: "let's feed them all : you and me?"
We have a cafeteria style of mentality; a pick and choose kind of mind
We will all help the foreigner get in here; but not the homeless man or woman we find....

There are people of our very own nation: there are widows and widowers galore
Who haven't enough money for groceries, yep,  we have our very own poor
Yet we act like we're so caring and so loving, because we let "the others" come in;
But haven't we so many  people we're neglecting  and avoiding like they are sin...?

It's not that I don't care for and love the foreigner; the immigrant who's coming in;
But want us all to start really loving everybody and everyone who is here.. "within"
Too many are the poor and the neglected, who are already here "supposedly free"
If you are  really so sincere about loving: what about loving each person you see?

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Blessed are we

Oh, the happy sound, when stillness fills the air
Singing sounds of silence, with moments soft as prayer
Oh, the happy hour, when  heart and mind are still
Wondrous feelings surface: the soul can truly feel

Oh, the happy people,who find their sacred space
Resting there for healing they emerge with inner grace
Going forth to labor, they'll wear a sacred glow
And testify to many of  One they've come to know..

Happy are all creatures; the plantlets; and the rest
For we are blessed completely by our constant Guest
Who created all the world: the universe and the stars
Blessed are we, the created, despite our wounds and scars

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

We choose....

The skies opened up and out came the sun
Thousands of lightlets were in front of everyone
Illuminating,  warming and sparkling all around
Droplets of sunshine were dancing on the ground

Daylight was sifting through  remnants of night
Creatures were yawning with happiness and delight
Plantlets and treetops and insects galore
Were singing God's praises. Would you like to know more?

Wind streams were carrying the whispers of  time
Stories of people were  inspiring new rhyme
Nations were fighting and some were at peace
Flood walls were breaking and storms shook our trees..

The day was just starting and out came a noise
A box in our household was raising its voice
Speaking out  rumors and showing some crime
Is it any wonder: it's controlling our time?

Before we can grasp it our time is all gone
Our schedule is calling the curtains are drawn
We're running and fumbling for keys and such things
Has anyone noticed the dawn as she sings?

The challenge of  morning and even of night
Is choosing what's valuable and worthy of sight
Will we be neutralized by work or routine;
Or will we find newness and beauties unseen...

Sunday, February 12, 2017

All around you ..

Open your hands and feel all that awesomeness
Molecules and atoms emerging from The Allness
Rearranging, becoming a sweet nourishment for all:
God of the universe Your Greatness we recall..

See with your eye's sight the beauty around you
Trees and the plantlets and creatures now peering though
Oceans and rivers and ant hills galore
Everything created is a gift from God's store..

Touch if you're willing:  the flowers now blooming
Grasses and dandelions and weed pods all booming
Dirt piles and sandlets and prickly plants too
All of God's wonders are waiting for you..

Hear if you're silent the voices now speaking
Echoes from the created are quietly leaking
Vibrating softly or heroically sounding
All of this universe is God's voice resounding

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Dance at dawn

Morning sun shining bright
Touching plants touching sight
Warming creatures warming me
Morning sun I chance to see

Early breezes warm and free
Carrying secrets I can't see
Speaking wisdom speaking light
Early breezes escaping sight

Silent soundings in the air
Free from notice, free from care
From the creatures from the plants
Silent soundings ignite the dance

All the creatures far and wide
Join the dance of morning tide
Keeping rhythm, keeping beat
All earth's creatures are so sweet..

Morning evening night time too
Touch our spirits through and through
Singing songs and speaking words
Morning, evening,  night occurs...

Friday, February 10, 2017

God's love is everywhere

I am looking for the beauty, in each moment of my day;
And hearing sounds. that are sounding, God wisdom along my way.
I'm whispering, with the whisperers, who echo God's own love;
And walking with the angels..who bring messages from above.

As the morning is quickly wakening and the sun begins to shine
Elements join together and they support these lungs of mine
They create the beautiful auras and the moisture in the air
The elements and the minerals are meant for us to share..

The plant life and the animals are true gifts from God above
They're given to us as companions and nourishing forms of love
We relish them in their beauty and their warmth they seem to share
All of the things created are the signs of God's Own Care..

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Life and so much more...

Touch the secret source of life and ponder it with your mind
See the wisdom that moves beyond the beautiful that you find
Hear the infinite sound of God. in the finite world around
All the earth is coming alive but without Him nothing is found...

In the earliest part of morn before the breaking of day
The hush of Eden is circling around...creating the Infinite's way.
Like the darkness, that was the first, and the day that came to be
We are awaiting the dawn of Light: that removes the darkness we see..

All of us together are bound though nations may seem to divide
Each person that breathes the breath of life is part of the unified
The sadness that seeps into this world: the hatreds creating a war
Are not the plans of One who gives us life and so much more

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Won't you join me...

All around me God is speaking through the world that I can see
In the beauty and the vastness I see   imprints left for me..
Through the breezes; through the oceans; through the universe. far and wide
All the wonderfulness and created-ness contain God's presence deep inside

And I praise Him,  in my living-ness, in my faithfulness from day to day
Nothing special and nothing outstanding: just a surrendering to Him my way
Oh the happiness, in the knowing, that He is happy with who I've come to be
This is reason enough and inspiration enough; for the flowing of my  poetry

So,won't you join me, oh won't you join me: in this thinking of our God Divine
Acknowledging humbly and singing out surely of all the loveliness that is His Shine
It isn't very difficult or even taxing or even a chore that we should rise
To shout out daily or even hourly of the One Who created the earth and skies..

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Time keeps moving

Morning's approaching with the exit of night
Skies are all changing with the morning star's light
Colors are glowing with the touch of the sun
Morning's approaching: wake up everyone...

Dew drops are falling, they're resting right here
Touching the plantlets with a moist atmosphere
Singing their secrets that come from the sky
Dew drops are falling like tears from God's eye..

Everyone's  waking; I can see them around:
Birds on the tree limbs and bugs on the ground
Squirrels are around me, rabbits are too
Everyone is waking: there's so much to do..

Time keeps on ticking  and moving on through
We can't keep it waiting, like statues,  it's true
We must keep on the move now; we mustn't  waste time
Time keeps on moving but not so this rhyme..

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Remember you're a vessel....

Breathe in all the Spirit Who breathed His life in  you
Exhale all His goodness to every person  passing through
Speak out all His praises, His goodness and His love
Remember you're a vessel and you're carrying God above....

Reach out to every person: every person black or white
See through every being: the  desire for good and right
Look out for every person: every person well or frail
And remember you're a vessel, you need God's breath to sail.

Hear through all of those moments, those seconds of every day
The whispering sound of angels who are watching you on your way
Learn to value those essences, those mysteriousnesses in all
And remember you're a vessel:  you hold The Healing for great and small