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Saturday, December 10, 2016

What would Christmas be like...?

What would Christmas be like, without our beloved Jesus?:
Would it have any sort of meaning; or even be able to inspire us?
We'd be running around and shopping, and buying our gifts galore..
Just like any other shopping day: we'd be supporting our local store...

What would Christmas be like,,if we were only wanting to receive?
We'd be like the Scrooge from Dickens with no faith or will to believe
That there's blessings inside the givingness and love inside us all
Just waiting to be someone's happiness in the big gifts or the small..

What would Christmas be like, if we weren't really willing to care?
We'd be going through all of the motions but be empty and unaware
That the truest meaning of Christmas, comes from the most loving heart
Who takes the time to insure that each person has a part.....

What would Christmas be like if it never even happened before
What would be have to look forward to, and Who'd open Heaven's door
Would there be any hope for salvation or any hope for anyone at all
It's wonderful to celebrate the Holiday but don't forget the Babe so small

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