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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Time to wake up ....

Take some time out now and hear the whispers of the wind
Allow its sacred energy to echo deep within
Close off all your senses and open up all your soul
This will enable everything to feel the Sacred  flow..

It is the hour of waking and the day is about to begin
What will be your agenda as you face your schedule again..?
Will you embrace the moments like a robot or a mime
Who simply acts out motions without noticing the time...

The energies around you are awaiting your response
As you step into the elements, will you  notice all their nods...?
Each one in their own way is speaking out along the way
Will you hear their messages, or simply walk away...

The creatures and the plantlets; the oceans and the sea
All of them are calling out, beckoning you and me
To notice what isn't noticeable; to see what isn't seen...
The time has come to wake up. now: do you know what I mean..?

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