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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The days before Christmas

Glowing lights and tinseled halls
Fill the minds of those in malls
For it is the season after fall
Where we spend and buy for all...

While the children look with glee
At the play things that they see
They are hoping and believe
Santa'll bring them.. Christmas Eve

At a distance Church bells ring
Reminding  us of Whom we sing
God among us, once so small
Gave us Christmas one and all..

Then we hurry here and there
Barely stopping for our prayer
Buying, shopping, gifts galore
Have we something for the Lord?

Then we ponder.. one by one
Have we something for everyone
Traffic's heavy, getting late
Time to wrap and decorate...

When its over and all is done
Will we regret the joy and fun
Or will we be happy and  at peace
Knowing Christmas is a time to feast...

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