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Saturday, December 24, 2016

It's Christmas eve...

Oh hear all the sounds of this beautiful night
Echoing around us in this universe tonight
All of the world is embellished by light
Beautiful colors and beautiful sight

Year after year and home after home
We see the Yule setting, the most festive tone
Children and parents and people alike
Remembering a Baby enveloped by light

Unwrapping the presents and waiting to see
What is the secret that's waiting for me
Shaking the package and looking inside:
Blessings and caring: in every bow tied

Looking for meanings and reason to pray
All of us gather and whisper and say
Thanks to the Creator the Giver of all
Who blessed us with Christmas and Jesus so small

This is the moment the day is right here
Everyone is happy and full of good cheer
Singing and caroling with beautiful sound
Let us praise Jesus our  Savior in round...

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