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Friday, December 30, 2016

If we're willing

In the morning, in the evening, every moment, every day
There are secrets, there are treasures, quiet whispers on the way
We can find them and unite them to the fabric of our lives
If we're willing, if were able: to take some pauses in our strides

All around us and about us in the elements and in the trees
The are soundings of the Spirit: simple echoes, ecstasies
Only ponderers of the moment quiet spirits: you and me..
Can appreciate and can savor all   the Heavenly delicacy..

Won't you want it, won't you seek it: all this manna from the sky
Falling freely, falling surely: in the moments passing by?
Time is passing, time is fleeing, time is sure to disappear.
Tis the moment, tis the second, tis the hour to listen and hear..

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