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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Guardians of this world....

In the hush of the evening, a quiet sound is heard:
A hundred thousand angels hover without a word
Watching over a nation, a city and a home
Guardians of this world will never leave us alone

Heartaches, that are sounding, filter through the air;
While people sharing laughter celebrate unaware
That somewhere in the city. a heartbreak has been known..
Guardians of this world will bring peace to every home

The mornings and the evenings the daylight and the night
Hold us inside this ambient where angels keep their flight
For though we  wander careless or upright in our ways
Guardians of this world will direct our nights and days..

So while this poem is over and the words  no longer flow
There is one  final message that everyone should know
Our souls were made for Heaven and no matter where we go
Guardians of this world will stand up against God's foe

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