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Friday, December 16, 2016

"All is calm, all is bright"

"All is calm" and "all is bright"
Are some words from Silent Night
But in our world and in our day
Can they describe us and our way?

We deck the halls and light the tree
But do we know how it came to be:
That we would run to store and mall
To buy some gifts for one and all..?

With wrapping paper, bows and tape
We wrap and get ready to celebrate
The memory and moment of One Most Dear:
Jesus our Savior, joining us here

He didn't come with a royal throne
Though He was king, it wasn't known
And so the setting for This Arrival
Was humble and hideous: poor Little Child..

We must remember with all our might
Who gave the gift with greatest light
It isn't the one who was paying the most
But HE who continues to be our Host

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