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Monday, November 28, 2016

Walk through your city...

Walk through your city, and see with new eyes.
See every person: their struggles their tries..
Hear all their whisperings, hear all their sighs
Walk trough your city and see with new eyes

Open each morning, with wonder and prayer;
Hear, how the universe, sings through the air:
Echoing the heartbeats, of everyone everywhere..
Open each morning with wonder and prayer...

Reach out in kindness and reach out in love.
Give like One giving, for the Good God above.
Give, without judging, what the other one does
Reach out in kindness, and reach out in love..

Close your eyes thinking:  oh, what can I do
To make tomorrow better when morning comes through
Who was neglected by my actions most true:
Close your eyes thinking:  oh, what can I do?

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