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Monday, November 14, 2016

This cold autumn day....

The rains are all falling this cold autumn day
Each raindrop is speaking in its own special way
Whispering through seconds the sighs of our world:
Anxieties and heartbeats and laughters are unfurled

Splashing on plantlets, the droplets all sing
The world is so needy: have you seen everything?
The fighting. the warring, the rioting in streets
The Heavens are crying: oh gather in peace....

The waters are all flowing from here and from there
Echoing the heartaches of people in prayer
Singing the silence, that all need to know
Hear how the raindrops are preaching good flow..

The animals all linger to feel all this rain
Shivering, they see it, the whole world's in pain
Suffering the trauma of people who hate
It's time to be forgiving: its getting too late...

Listen to the universe the creatures the plants
They'll teach you the secret to rhythm and dance
They'll show you the beauty, the answer, the rhyme
So silence your being and turn off all time..

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