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Saturday, November 5, 2016

The first hours of morn

Darkness gives way to the brightness of day
All of night's creatures are scurrying away
Rising with the sunlight the birds of the dawn
Sing out their  melodies: short ones and long..

Peeking through windows, the day's morning star
Shines on the sleepers: the near ones and far..
Enlightening the creatures, with warm rays divine;
Foreshadowing the brightness, of Heaven's own shine.

Creeping through grass blades, and crawling around:
Insects are moving through paths on the ground.
Looking for nourishment and ready to run,
We see that the squirrels are all about the fun..

Ready to wake up, the humanity will rise
Stretching and washing and squinting their eyes
Some will be scheming and planning their day
While others will refuse to let sleep slip away

Finally, it's over, the first hours of the morn
Everyone and everything will embrace what is borne
Minutes and hours and the seconds galore
Carrying agendas and schedules and more..

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