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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Secrets unveiled...

The winds are whispering the secrets and soundings
Of all the universe: her inhabitants and surroundings
Carrying the heartaches, the laughter, the tears
Breezes are echoing the sighing of years...

Circling the mountains and touching the valleys
Pockets of wind streams are heard in the alleys
Breathing the life breath, the nations are needing
In every new windstorm the weather is pleading...

Hear us oh hear us dear people and nations
The Omnipotent, Almighty has heard your frustrations
In all of the heartbreak the happiness the cheer
The Spirit is present and recycling the atmosphere

All of the elements, the minerals, the fossils
Break through the silence, like missioned apostles
Whispering the wisdom for the wind gusts to carry
Everything is speaking the secrets we bury..

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