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Saturday, October 1, 2016

The visions we need....

Grab hold of  the wind, oh where is it going?
All of its elements: what are they showing?
Sounding and streaming and moving around:
Breezes are whispering and shouting some sound?

Touch, all the sky, and lasso its blueness...
Splashed out from Heaven for me and for:  you-ness
Highlighting the created and never afraid
The abode, up above us, is God's love displayed.

Hear the creatures? Their sounds all surround us
We are so amazed at how often they've found us...
Soothing the plant-lets and riding  the breeze
See how the insects take hold of the trees...

Everything's moving... the morning is awakening...
So much in our universe is creatively shaping:
The beauty, the atmosphere, the world that we see.
Will we have the time for the visions we need?

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