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Monday, October 17, 2016

Listen to the angels...

The hours of the evening are turning to day
Morning is breaking and night turns away
All of the angels are coming so near
Whispering their secrets: we hasten to hear

Startling the sleepers and waking the dawn
Angels from Heaven are riding a fawn
Sprinkling their energy and singing their song
Angels are ready with their army so strong

Up in the skylights and shining below
Streamlets of sunshine are letting us know
That time has arrived for us to rouse from our sleep
Hear them, these guardians; their melodies are deep...

Off in the distance but here very close
The angels are bidding us to keep on our toes
For the evil one is lurking and wanting us to hear
His deal and his promises: his deception is clear..

So stay you alert and you'll never go wrong
With the guidance of angels; the whole heavenly throng
They'll guard you and protect you and teach you the way
That leads you to Happiness and the unending day.

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