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Friday, September 2, 2016

God's asking for love

Take hold of the raindrops and see what they are
Blessings in vessels sent from afar
Soaking the soil and soaking the land
Rain is the answer from The Eternal One's hand

Falling like diamonds and sparkling around
Raindrops are carrying the Eternal One's sound
Speaking in whispers and carrying God's grace
Dew drops from Heaven all over the place...

Dousing the highways and flooding the floor
Showers from the Heavens are opening the door:
To wisdom and guidance and Light from above:
Hear this, oh people, God's asking for love...

Reach out and help them: these angels in flight
Who go to your neighbors in the middle of night
To help them, to comfort them and willingly share
This storm is a vehicle that leads us to care...

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