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Sunday, September 4, 2016

A vessel for God's Heart

Reach out to all of the Heavens and touch all of the atmosphere
Search through all of the molecules and hear whatever you can hear
Echoing through the breezes and riding inside of the wind
Is the voice of the Almighty, who is beckoning again and again

Inside of every seedling and in the grandest of the oceans
Energies from the Omnipotent are touching all of our emotions
Whispering through the inanimate and shouting through the noiseless
God the Eternal Lover is giving a voice to all of the voiceless...

Way up in the mountains or in the depths of all the valleys
A whispering sound of angels is inviting us to such mysteries
That are before us in the morning and before us in the evening..
All of the world is a vessel for God's Heart that's ever beating...

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