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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Prayer for Louisiana

Oh, the waters in Louisiana, are all getting so awfully High
Please, my dearest Almighty Father, dry up that leaky sky
The people are losing everything and their homes are seen no more
Step in oh Heavenly Creator and dry up earth's rain drenched floor

Thousands upon the thousands are waiting for some relief
Rains have been so damaging; destroying everything, like a thief
Now oh Heavenly Divine One, we can see, again, the sky
Please do all that You are able and make everyone safe and dry

The storms have been a nightmare the children and adults alike
Have been praying Almighty Father for all these waters to subside
So please, o dearest of Providers: my Creator, and my All
Reach down from Your Heavenly Environment and create a Sustaining wall

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