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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Look outside of your window now...

Look outside of your window, now; look outside and see:
So much there is to be thankful for.. so much artistry.
Perfectly flowing flower beds and cooling calming breeze
Moving inside a rythmic whirl; shaking  the plants and trees

Grasp it inside your thinking space; hold it inside your hands
Everything that you're seeing outside; let it inspire your dance
For all of the greenery  growing now; and all that will disappear
Is whispering the secrets of a realm where happiness is always near

Talk of it to your family and friends speak of it where ever you go
There's beauty inside of everything because God's kindness continues to flow
Touching our spirits with all of its graces and soothing our souls and mind
The Spirit of God is moving inside of everything beautiful that we find...

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