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Monday, August 8, 2016

Look at your people

Look at your people and see all these nations
Everyone is fighting and filled with frustrations
One thing or another is leading to hatred
We've forgotten our calling, our bond with The Sacred

See how this world is now falling to pieces
They're killing our brothers our sisters our nieces
The power of the people is robbed and diminished
By those in the media who dictate what is finished

Whirlwinds and rainstorms and fiery red rages
Are creating destruction and making front pages
Earthquakes and tsunamis and mudslides so numerous
All are the instruments God uses to  warn us

Murderers on a rampage are now frightening so many
They cry out with a prayer as they kill with a frenzy
The plague of the universe: these people who plunder
Dressed in their dark robes.. they're the evil one's thunder...

Help us oh help us from all of this nonsense
We trembling and reeling and feeling  defenseless
The plight of our nation: its safety and glory
Is inside your hands Lord...please finish this story

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