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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Listen to the winding whirlwind..

Listen to the winding whirlwind; listen and hear its voice...
Something inside it is saying: hearing is always our choice
The sounding, of so many elements, beneath the many growing plants
Is moving the once calm waters to speak with the breezes and dance..

All of the created world, now speaking, with everything, around
Is echoing one harrowing message: from Heaven it does sound
We, who are the careful listeners with hearts and minds awake
Can see that all of creation is starting to tremble and shake

While the earth from underneath is opening the sky above does cry
Fires are rapidly raging and in some places they will multiply
The waters are surrounding a city and we can see the path of fears
What, once, was so much treasure; is now a pail of tears

The world is reeling with wonder; the floor beneath us all sinks,,
The whole entire universe is witnessing, so many horrific scenes.
The floods, the fires, the whirl winds, the weather of every kind
Are crying  to Heaven for mercy while angels counsel, newness of mind

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