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Monday, August 15, 2016

Everything is a gift

The forest, the tall trees, the greenery we see
Speaks to us the secrets of where we want to be
The high hills the valleys the mountain in between
Invite us to a peacefulness; to a presence more serene

Think of it: the silence, the first hours of  the day
How the are preparing us and making ready our way
The quietness. the serenity, the awesomeness sublime
Awaken us, inspire us and beautify our time.

The daylight, the darkness the moments that unwind
Are carrying the many messages sent out for humankind
The listener the writer the traveler along the way
All are equally receiving the Omnipresent's Display.

So lets all be "the ready" and "the willing to receive"
For everything is an offering and an incentive to believe
The world that is turning and the sky that is all blue
Is a gift and a message from the "Eternal I Love You"

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