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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Breathe in and see

Breathe in the many molecules that join together to make our atmopshere
And grab hold of every atom that is circulating around us: far and near
Hear in the wind that's streaming, the songs of creatures everywhere
The entire universe is all singing the song of His Everlasting Care.

The tiniest little plantlet knows the presence of the Immortal  One
Inside of its little being is all of the wonders that our  God has done
Within the quietest cavern that is sheltering the bear so bold and wild
The tenderest whisper can be heard and gathered up for the smallest child

There's a peacefulness in the created world that's surrounding you and me
And it is calling out to every one of us; so that we might look and see
In the elements, plants and oceans is the wisdom of the Great Divine
And each of us is created to become a welcoming mortal shrine..

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