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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

At all times...

In the hours and the minutes and the seconds of each day
Are the whisperings and the shoutings, of the angels on our way
In the quietness and the loudness, in the "everything" that we do
Are the echoings and soundings of the spirits who have passed through..

The daylight, in the darkness, in the nighttime and the day
Are the messengers and the callers who are directing us on our way
In the sadness, in the sorrows, in those times when we can laugh
We can experience it, the providence, the care the Heavenly Staff..

All around us, in the creatures, in the elements and the plants
Are the melodies and the lyrics and the songs that can make us dance
In the  mountains and the valleys; in the strong winds and the rain
Are the secrets and the mysteries and the healing for our pain

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