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Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Spirits of the Universe...

Falling like a tear drop, the dew is greeting the plants;
Whispering like the breezes, the angels invite us to dance...
In the sounding of the branches and the ruffling of the wind:
The Spirits of the universe are challenging us deep within.

Apart from everything noisy,  in the silences of the earth:
Creation is ever inviting us, to a newness and a rebirth...
Reaching out to us in the beauty, in the freshness of the air
Spirits of the universe are echoing the Great One's care..

In the mornings and the evenings, in the hours that are between
Sweetness and a great mystery are present but often  unseen
Touching us with their moments, their seconds, that pass us by:
The Spirits of the  Universe are uniting the earth and the sky...

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