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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The blood is crying out....

Oh my...the blood is crying out
from inside the spongy ground
And spirits of the dying
are in every molecule circling around
How can we be silent
in the deafening sound of their unending pleas
There is an evil force invading
and it is destroying our love and peace

So, the elements and the animals
are speaking of the violence that is in the air
Are we  so oblivious to the rampant spree of bullets
that are landing everywhere?
Who are we, to close our eyes
to our sisters and our brothers in their dire need?
What can we do, to stop this plague,
that moves in human form with shameless greed

The universe is singing out a melody,
that is likened to the chants of long ago.....
The sing song pattern,with its highs and lows,
is challenging everyone to see and know:
That closing our eyes, to the apparent,
is never a gesture of love and peace
But, rather an open door, for the enemy to drop us all
despite our many pleas...

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