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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sounds of the morning....

Sounds of the mornings and sounds of the day
Are filtering through noises, all in the way
Breaking through patterns and breaking the trend
Creatures are singing their beautiful blend

Flitting and fluttering and pecking away
Birds of all colors are opening their day
Red ones and blue ones and colorful ones too
Are singing a melody that soothes me and you..

Off in a distance and stretching out wide
An ocean of water is creating a tide
Splashing and rolling and roaring within
She sings of God's goodness again and again

Up in the Heavens and floating on by
Fluffs of a white cloud forms are filling the sky
Whispering in wind streams and carrying some rain
Heaven is providing us with relief for our pain

Finally the Sunrise with all of it shine
Is speaking the radiance of the Eternal One Divine
Dancing on plantlets and kissing our face
God's grace is golden and all over the place..

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