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Sunday, July 31, 2016

So much to see each day

Let all of the sunbeams in and let all of the early breezes know
That you are so open to receive them:  all of their molecular flow
See all of the sights of the morning and hear all the songs of the day
They're all opening up with the dawn who's showing her magnificent display

Hush now and hear all of those sounds.. emerging from from sky and the ground
See all of the creatures, that there are: rejoicing at the beauty they've found
Hold in your hand all of the air and touch with your hands all of the sky
Tell me, if you can, what you can see: is there not more than meets the eye.

Can you count all the grains of sand or give a number to the droplets of rain
Have you any idea of the depths of the sea or the life it may or may not contain
So many things in this world of ours will remain a mystery to you and to me
So let us enjoy each moment in time that is opening up so much for us to see...

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