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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mysteries of the morning...

The softness of the morning and the warmness of the Sun
Is reaching out to touch us and wake us:  everyone,,
From the moment that we rise up: we  rush into our day...
Have  you ever even noticed it: the Divine-ness on display?

Humming in the background is the sound of many trees
Swaying in the daylight with the help of wind and breeze
Carrying all the secrets and the world within a cell
Oxygenated wind streams are a force with things to tell..

Hear it in your spirit... all of the voices far and near:
People who are present and those who aren't ever here?
Something about these energies of the universe all around
Is allowing us to enter a mystery, which keeps us close and bound

So let us love each other and  let us be that helping hand
Reaching out in mercy to every child, woman, and man
Working towards  that unity that solidarity so defined
By the spirit that dwells within us and is an Image of God Divine

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