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Friday, July 1, 2016

Everything created...

All of the creatures are greeting me each day
The winged ones, non winged ones, have so much to say
Some of them hopping and others are not
Speaking with emotion about blessings they've got

The elements, the plant life, the inanimate ones too
All of  them have secrets,  to share:  it is true
With silence and listening and inquisitive eye
Each of us can discover what creation can supply.

The raindrops the rainbows the storms with their noise
Are echoing the whispers of a Creative One's voice
Sometimes it is happy and other times it is sad
Surely the Good Father can get happy or mad......

The sunrise,  the sunset, the cold and the heat
Each of them providing their mysteries so sweet
Gifts from the Heavenly all of us below
Everything created is God's love we must know....

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