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Friday, June 17, 2016

We are the weather

Count all the molecules and hold all the air
See all the invisibleness floating everywhere
Everything is before us and yet we do not see
We are so surrounded by the Infinite's Majesty..

Greater than the mountains and longer than the sea
An endless string of atoms is surrounding you and me
Carrying all their charges and carrying all their effect
We are also effecting them by our caring and neglect..

While all the world is shaking with terror all around
Mother earth is shaking with her reaction in the ground
Waves of fear and tumult are pounding out her grief
Storms of wind and water are crying out for some relief

All of us united and  are part of a greater whole
We can make it a paradise or carve out an ugly hole..
No matter where we're living and no matter who we are
Each of us is contributing to the tempest near and far...

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