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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Vehicle of prayer

Sprinkles of water are blessing the plants
Ready to sparkle and ready to dance
Speaking their secrets, reflecting the sky
Kisses from Heaven, nobody can deny

Birds on the branches are ready to sing
Pecking and poking, they love everything
Ready to ponder and ready for flight
These precious winged ones are all a delight

Squirrels and the bunnies and the insects galore
Are pounding the pavement and also earth's floor
Keeping their rhythm and keeping their pace
These are the creatures that run without race

Elements and minerals and molecules combine
To radiate an ambient that's totally Divine
Reaching out to spirits without any noise
Elements and molecules and minerals rejoice...

Seek out the answers and seek out the peace
That speaks through the universe that everybody sees
Whispering through  elements and riding the air
All of creation is a vehicle of prayer....

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