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Monday, June 6, 2016

These moments in time

Breathe in the morning and breathe in the day
Rise up and wake up and start off this way:
See all that is beautiful and see all that is love
Splashed out before, like  gifts from above

Hear all the awesomeness and hear all the joy
Echoed through creatures without being coy
In all of the elements, in all of the day
So much is inviting you; so why do you delay

Rushing and rummaging and hurrying , you go
To meetings, to employment, to places unslow
To  minutes like races, to your places you run
Not knowing, these patterns,  are needing to be undone

So why not embrace them, these moments in time
Sent down from the Heavens:  like ointments divine
They'll heal you and help you and calm all your will
When everything you're doing is anything but still..

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