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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The warmth of the morning

The sunrise is smiling and singing her song
Touching the universe with a radiance so long
Whispering her secrets through words never heard
Feel how the sunshine inside us is stirred?

The softness of visions that wake us each day
Is reminding us always of calm on the way..
To work and to meetings to everywhere we go
The warmth of the morning inside us does flow..

With all that is singing; with all that there is:
Our spirits can experience,the touch of God's bliss.
With whispers and sighing; with singing of songs
We can see them inside us, the Heavenly throng...

So quiet the spirit and quiet the mind
Reach down inside you and see what you'll find
Nothing like treasures that come from above
They move us and motivate us to actions of love...

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