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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando,'s hard to digest...

So many tears they fall they fall
As I hear the names of each and all
Victims of hatred and fanatic unrest
Orlando Orlando its hard to digest

Its hard to believe it what sadness is here
Bodies and spirits of people so dear
Laying down  so lifeless  unable to speak
When we will stop it:  stop being so weak...?

The families are mourning the Heavens are too
No Deity or Godhead would condone this:  it's true
Some call it a religion, a movement,  a race
But no God in the Heavens would sanction this disgrace...

My heart is all broken though I'm over here
My spirit is weeping with a vision most clear
Hatred is terrible and darkness is too
WE mustn't allow this whatever we do....

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