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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Let Heaven pass through...

Be still and be silent, be open and up:
Let Heaven and angels fill up your poor cup.
Let silence be singing and movement be still.
Be ready, be ready with spirit and will...

Be careful, be listening, be ready to hear
The Spirit is speaking in moments most dear
The creatures all hear it; the plantlets do too:
Why is it so difficult for me and for you ?

The rest of our agenda, the things we must do
Will wait for us always;they won't leave: it's true...
So take now a moment and allow yourself to be
Lost in the absence of a spiritual spree....

So much you will accomplish, so much, every day
If you make space for listening, for pausing to pray
A moment or a second or an hour or two
Is all you'll be needing to let Heaven pass through...

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