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Monday, June 27, 2016

In the earliest hours...

The early hours are opening up and the plants are shining with dew
Molecules of air are joining together, brushing against me and you
Sounds of silence are broken up with the vibrant songs of the day
Cardinals, robins and other birds are singing sweetness into our  way...

Clashes of atoms and hydrogen are creating the outpouring of rain
Hearing the splash of these moistening drops can ease our inner pain
Softening reactions of our nerves and soothing our weary mind:
The universe is producing those remedies a druggist can never find..

Energies of the most Omnipotent are swirling around you and me
While the whispers of the angelic ones are becoming a symphony...
All of the world is alive with love and yet love seems so far away
Would that each of us could help someone and bring love into the day..

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