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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I touched His Fingerprints

I reached out into the atmosphere
And felt the Divine-ness ever near
I touched His Fingerprints, felt His Shine
Inside this sensitive heart of mine

And with my hearing I was able to hear
Things that are, too often, so unclear:
Like an angels spirit's humble voice
Humming quietly beneath our noise..

Then with eyes: all glassed and glazed;
I saw what made me feel amazed:
The world all beautiful, all aglow;
With messages and soundings I should know

Quietly being and quietly there
I was taken into spaces, known as prayer
With angel spirits and souls now past
I was the first and no longer the last...

Such are the moments each morning can bring
Angelic in nature but natural like spring
Refreshing the spirit, inviting the heart
Open to many.. who will make this start..?

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