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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I am in love with the angels......

I am in love with the angels:
their presence I truly adore
From the moment that I rise and wake up
and my feet are touching the floor
I can feel them, they are all around me
and I can see them: they are in my way
Speaking to me, through all of their music
with the songs that I can never play

Each morning that I am awakening
and each evening when I do fall sleep
These guardians are ever about me
and willing to watch and keep
Speaking to my soul and my conscience;
singing to my will and my heart
Secrets of the endlessness of Heaven
and of the times before everything did start

I am at loss for words when they are near me
and in need of nothing when they are around
They are carrying,from the Heavens: those morsels,
that enable my heart to pound
These angels and these guardian spirits;
these lights to my mind and my soul
Are with me for now and forever
and will hold  my hand till I reach my Goal

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