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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

God is in everything...

Have you not heard it; and have you not seen
God is in everything: you know what I mean
He's in our breathness and inside our all
In everything breathing: in great ones and small

Whispering through ages and whispering through time
He's always breathing His Providence sublime
Inside  our laughter and inside our cry
Our God is moving, yes,  moving your and I

Beautiful like the flowers and majestic like the sea
Out Creator is  lovely and as tough as can be
He's sweet like the lilies and mighty like the beast
Our God is in the greatness and also in the least....

Words cannot capture Him yet words speak His praise
He's the  Light in our darkness and the Light for our days
The peoples have failed Him and yet, He hasn't  failed
Our God is so amazing and in all things has prevailed

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