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Friday, June 24, 2016

God is ever present...

The sky opened up and let out her yawn
She glowed and she sparkled just like the dawn
With fluffs of white cloud that rode on the air
She was a sight with unparralleled flare...

The sounds of the creatures were circling around
Whistles and chatters were some of their sound
Each in their own way were singing out loud
Creatures and elements and raindrops and cloud

The day sped up quickly for most of the world
People with agendas were creating a whirl
Speeding and running and doing their thing
Taking a pause would mess up everything...?

Night songs were sounding without any light
Crickets and owlets and bats without sight
Were readying their agendas for exploring and fun
While sleep overcame those needing the sun...

Stars in their element and moon in her space
Cried out to the sleepers ,,"all life is a grace"
Whether sleeping or singing or doing your thing
God will be ever present for He  is in everything

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