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Thursday, June 2, 2016

God is breathing everywhere

Before the rest of the world is out
I step outside to hear the shout
Of tender seedlings touching air
Stretching from the earth with care

I see the movement of the breeze
Passing through the dancing trees
And feel the softness of the air
God is breathing everywhere...

In the skies so bright and blue
A cloud is taking form its true
And the birds of every kind
Are singing songs that calm the mind

On the earthen floor so small
Creep the crawlers one and all
Speaking sounds and sending sighs
We who listen will be wise

Once a day, for a minute or two
Is all it it would take for me and you
To tap into this world of ours
And see it as it heals our scars

Nature is a healing balm
It quiets the mind and gives us calm
It soothes the aches and gives us peace
It is the vessel of Divine Release

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