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Monday, June 20, 2016

Come join in My Dance

Outside  of my window and into the trees
I see the wind blowing its creating a breeze
Touching the branches and also the plants
God is now whispering: "come join in My Dance"

Can you not hear it: the most Healing Voice;
Or are you too distracted with all of your noise?
Can you not see Him and hear Him by chance..?
God is now speaking: "come join in My Dance"

The flowers, the creatures, the wind in its flight
Challenges our hearing and more so our sight
Our inner ears hearing, what's escaping our glance:
God is now inviting us: "come join in My Dance"

But, we with our have to's, our running galore
Might even all miss it: what's outside our door
The Heavens, the creatures, together they advance
As God keeps on crying:  "come join in My Dance"

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