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Friday, June 3, 2016

Can we not pause now....

Listen in the morning to the sound of them singing
Birds in the branches with all their voices bringing
Songs of the Creator and of the day that is opening...
Can we not pause now and allow our souls some noticing?

Beautiful the soundings that soar through all the breezes
Creatures are awakening with a joy for so many reasons
Blessings are upon them and a beautiful ball of sunshine
Illuminates the universe with a radiance that is all Divine..

Turn off all the media, the radios, and the television
Allow yourself a  moment of the purest delightful vision:
A world so full of  wonder and a universe so full of beauty
Why would we want to trade it for something so transitory?

Yet we are so often caught up in the rat race that is around us
That we begin to accept that our happiness is in all of this fuss
Instead of seeing truly that the happiness that we are seeking
Is never inside of the promises that a consumer world is leaking

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