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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Before the rest of the world is waking up.

Early.... earlier than the rest of the world is waking up
Before the first drops of coffee are falling into the awaiting cup
Music is sounding from the created world that is all around
The tiniest creatures are uttering their most joyful sound

Hear it...hear it in the air that is circulating here and there
Energy, so vibrant and powerful, that it is moving us like a prayer
Connecting earth to Heaven and Heaven to earth in and unmeasured time:
Seconds, hours, and minutes are mingling with the Infinite One sublime

Try to capture it; with your finite,mortal, unimmortal, earthly hands;
All the energies and moments that connect the world like invisible bands
Hold them, for even a moment  all the seconds and minutes, that open up today
Tell me, if you can, what it feels like to hold the hours as they slip away

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