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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Before the rest of the world is waking up.

Early.... earlier than the rest of the world is waking up
Before the first drops of coffee are falling into the awaiting cup
Music is sounding from the created world that is all around
The tiniest creatures are uttering their most joyful sound

Hear it...hear it in the air that is circulating here and there
Energy, so vibrant and powerful, that it is moving us like a prayer
Connecting earth to Heaven and Heaven to earth in and unmeasured time:
Seconds, hours, and minutes are mingling with the Infinite One sublime

Try to capture it; with your finite,mortal, unimmortal, earthly hands;
All the energies and moments that connect the world like invisible bands
Hold them, for even a moment  all the seconds and minutes, that open up today
Tell me, if you can, what it feels like to hold the hours as they slip away

Monday, June 27, 2016

In the earliest hours...

The early hours are opening up and the plants are shining with dew
Molecules of air are joining together, brushing against me and you
Sounds of silence are broken up with the vibrant songs of the day
Cardinals, robins and other birds are singing sweetness into our  way...

Clashes of atoms and hydrogen are creating the outpouring of rain
Hearing the splash of these moistening drops can ease our inner pain
Softening reactions of our nerves and soothing our weary mind:
The universe is producing those remedies a druggist can never find..

Energies of the most Omnipotent are swirling around you and me
While the whispers of the angelic ones are becoming a symphony...
All of the world is alive with love and yet love seems so far away
Would that each of us could help someone and bring love into the day..

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The hills are crying

Dedicated to those suffering from flooding
           in West Virginia

The state I love and lived in for so long
Is still that place where love is strong
So despite the floods and moistened air
West Virginians show they care..

The hills are crying and the skies are weeping
The bulging rivers are slowly creeping
Into the yards and past the steeple
West Virginia is losing her  people...

The bodies float and produce a sight
Of those who struggled but lost the fight
Beneath the waves of a flowing creek
A sigh is singing of those who sleep

The hills are crying and the skies are weeping
The bulging rivers are slowly creeping
Into the yards and past the steeple
West Virginia is losing her  people...

West Virginians are brave and true
They'll go a mile or more for you
So if you care to show some love
Reach out to them in these times so tough.

The hills are crying and the skies are weeping
The bulging rivers are slowly creeping
Into the yards and past the steeple
West Virginia is losing her  people...

Friday, June 24, 2016

God is ever present...

The sky opened up and let out her yawn
She glowed and she sparkled just like the dawn
With fluffs of white cloud that rode on the air
She was a sight with unparralleled flare...

The sounds of the creatures were circling around
Whistles and chatters were some of their sound
Each in their own way were singing out loud
Creatures and elements and raindrops and cloud

The day sped up quickly for most of the world
People with agendas were creating a whirl
Speeding and running and doing their thing
Taking a pause would mess up everything...?

Night songs were sounding without any light
Crickets and owlets and bats without sight
Were readying their agendas for exploring and fun
While sleep overcame those needing the sun...

Stars in their element and moon in her space
Cried out to the sleepers ,,"all life is a grace"
Whether sleeping or singing or doing your thing
God will be ever present for He  is in everything

Thursday, June 23, 2016

God is still Father

The flowers, the creatures,  the clouds in the sky
Are speaking and singing and  inviting you and I
To experience, to savor the beauty and the  rest
That moves them; incites them; to songs of happiness...

The moments, the hours, the seconds of each day
Are passing without notice as we go along our way
But inside them, about them, these markers of time,
Are secrets and passages to places more  sublime...

So we listen and we're pausing to inhale all the air
While viewing God's beauty that's reflected  everywhere,,,
We hear it and we see it, inside our spirits and will;
That God is still Father and providing for us still

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The warmth of the morning

The sunrise is smiling and singing her song
Touching the universe with a radiance so long
Whispering her secrets through words never heard
Feel how the sunshine inside us is stirred?

The softness of visions that wake us each day
Is reminding us always of calm on the way..
To work and to meetings to everywhere we go
The warmth of the morning inside us does flow..

With all that is singing; with all that there is:
Our spirits can experience,the touch of God's bliss.
With whispers and sighing; with singing of songs
We can see them inside us, the Heavenly throng...

So quiet the spirit and quiet the mind
Reach down inside you and see what you'll find
Nothing like treasures that come from above
They move us and motivate us to actions of love...

Monday, June 20, 2016

Come join in My Dance

Outside  of my window and into the trees
I see the wind blowing its creating a breeze
Touching the branches and also the plants
God is now whispering: "come join in My Dance"

Can you not hear it: the most Healing Voice;
Or are you too distracted with all of your noise?
Can you not see Him and hear Him by chance..?
God is now speaking: "come join in My Dance"

The flowers, the creatures, the wind in its flight
Challenges our hearing and more so our sight
Our inner ears hearing, what's escaping our glance:
God is now inviting us: "come join in My Dance"

But, we with our have to's, our running galore
Might even all miss it: what's outside our door
The Heavens, the creatures, together they advance
As God keeps on crying:  "come join in My Dance"

Sunday, June 19, 2016

In the great ones, the small ones, in all that we see....

The spirit, He is speaking, in all different ways
In Churches, in houses, in plantlets that sway
In those who are willing, those ready to hear
God shows Himself present: though distant He's near

Not just in the churches the chapels,the prayer
Does God choose to speak to us; for He's everywhere
So open up and see Him and hear Him His voice
We all have the ability and we have the choice

So listen and observe it the whispering, the sound
For in all that's unlikely,  the Almighty is found
In the great ones, the small ones, in all that we see
God is ever present and speaks to you and to me

Friday, June 17, 2016

We are the weather

Count all the molecules and hold all the air
See all the invisibleness floating everywhere
Everything is before us and yet we do not see
We are so surrounded by the Infinite's Majesty..

Greater than the mountains and longer than the sea
An endless string of atoms is surrounding you and me
Carrying all their charges and carrying all their effect
We are also effecting them by our caring and neglect..

While all the world is shaking with terror all around
Mother earth is shaking with her reaction in the ground
Waves of fear and tumult are pounding out her grief
Storms of wind and water are crying out for some relief

All of us united and  are part of a greater whole
We can make it a paradise or carve out an ugly hole..
No matter where we're living and no matter who we are
Each of us is contributing to the tempest near and far...

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Inside this storm...

Inside this storm, beneath this rain
I heard You speak, call out my name
Reminding me...I'm not alone
In thunder claps that shake my home...

Though winds may roar, though earth may shake
And trees  around me, bend and break
My Strength, my Shield will always be
The One Who made the land and sea.....

So while I'm shivering and afraid
I'll call to You for all my aid...
To be with me,  to be my All
You are my Way in winds that squall..

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Outside my door....

Quietly standing outside my door
A walnut tree with fruits galore
Speaking silently with its sway
So many things to give away...

Bamboo shoots stand up nearby
And with their reach call out the sky
Providing shade and shelter too
A beautiful fence for me and you..

Cardinals, robins, blue jays too
Romp around and fly on through
Greeting morning and heralding day
Feathered winged ones: with much to say

Darkened clouds drape skies above
Signs of rain and signs of love
Providing moisture for the plants
Storm clouds clap so earth can dance..

And inside pots that vary in size
Vegetable plants delight my eyes
With their fruits and foliage green
They're a reminder of the Great Unseen.....

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Let Heaven pass through...

Be still and be silent, be open and up:
Let Heaven and angels fill up your poor cup.
Let silence be singing and movement be still.
Be ready, be ready with spirit and will...

Be careful, be listening, be ready to hear
The Spirit is speaking in moments most dear
The creatures all hear it; the plantlets do too:
Why is it so difficult for me and for you ?

The rest of our agenda, the things we must do
Will wait for us always;they won't leave: it's true...
So take now a moment and allow yourself to be
Lost in the absence of a spiritual spree....

So much you will accomplish, so much, every day
If you make space for listening, for pausing to pray
A moment or a second or an hour or two
Is all you'll be needing to let Heaven pass through...

Monday, June 13, 2016

Our enemies are not "out there"......

We are all a nation and we are all a people
Not just in the home place or under some steeple
We are all so related and we are all in this union
We need to join hands, now, and come up with a solution

The blood shed keeps happening, the innocent keep falling
Their spirits and their energies cry out from their coffins
Who will be their advocates and who will be their heroes
Have any of us forgotten what had happened at ground zero?

We fight for our amendments and we fight for our country
Then why don't we all wake up and shout out to all  bluntly
That we need to become diligent and we need to become enlightened
Our enemies are not "out there" but inside of this  country "so united"

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando,'s hard to digest...

So many tears they fall they fall
As I hear the names of each and all
Victims of hatred and fanatic unrest
Orlando Orlando its hard to digest

Its hard to believe it what sadness is here
Bodies and spirits of people so dear
Laying down  so lifeless  unable to speak
When we will stop it:  stop being so weak...?

The families are mourning the Heavens are too
No Deity or Godhead would condone this:  it's true
Some call it a religion, a movement,  a race
But no God in the Heavens would sanction this disgrace...

My heart is all broken though I'm over here
My spirit is weeping with a vision most clear
Hatred is terrible and darkness is too
WE mustn't allow this whatever we do....

Oh the blessedness of each moment

The wind is pushing through the trees
And flowers host a swarm of bees
Summer's whispering a bit to soon
And morning feels like the heat of noon

The birds are circling around the feeder
It sways a bit with each hungry eater
Morning's awakening, singing  her songs
That soothes the heart and rights the wrongs

Oh the blessedness  of each moment
They carry  the remedies and the potion
Of the Healer and the Physician:
Every second: a herald with a mission

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Vehicle of prayer

Sprinkles of water are blessing the plants
Ready to sparkle and ready to dance
Speaking their secrets, reflecting the sky
Kisses from Heaven, nobody can deny

Birds on the branches are ready to sing
Pecking and poking, they love everything
Ready to ponder and ready for flight
These precious winged ones are all a delight

Squirrels and the bunnies and the insects galore
Are pounding the pavement and also earth's floor
Keeping their rhythm and keeping their pace
These are the creatures that run without race

Elements and minerals and molecules combine
To radiate an ambient that's totally Divine
Reaching out to spirits without any noise
Elements and molecules and minerals rejoice...

Seek out the answers and seek out the peace
That speaks through the universe that everybody sees
Whispering through  elements and riding the air
All of creation is a vehicle of prayer....

Friday, June 10, 2016

Don't judge what you see

       I have PTSD

Though you may never see
The wounds inside of me
I suffer them each day
With words I cannot say

The tears fall to the ground
When no one is around
And they sing out a song
About times that were wrong

In the midst of a crowd
That is boisterous and loud
I shiver and I shake
With a smile that I fake

If only you could know
The hurts that are below:
The memories and that pain
That still linger and remain

Don't stand there and stare
With your judgments so  unfair
For you will never see
The memories that made me...

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

God is in everything...

Have you not heard it; and have you not seen
God is in everything: you know what I mean
He's in our breathness and inside our all
In everything breathing: in great ones and small

Whispering through ages and whispering through time
He's always breathing His Providence sublime
Inside  our laughter and inside our cry
Our God is moving, yes,  moving your and I

Beautiful like the flowers and majestic like the sea
Out Creator is  lovely and as tough as can be
He's sweet like the lilies and mighty like the beast
Our God is in the greatness and also in the least....

Words cannot capture Him yet words speak His praise
He's the  Light in our darkness and the Light for our days
The peoples have failed Him and yet, He hasn't  failed
Our God is so amazing and in all things has prevailed

Monday, June 6, 2016

These moments in time

Breathe in the morning and breathe in the day
Rise up and wake up and start off this way:
See all that is beautiful and see all that is love
Splashed out before, like  gifts from above

Hear all the awesomeness and hear all the joy
Echoed through creatures without being coy
In all of the elements, in all of the day
So much is inviting you; so why do you delay

Rushing and rummaging and hurrying , you go
To meetings, to employment, to places unslow
To  minutes like races, to your places you run
Not knowing, these patterns,  are needing to be undone

So why not embrace them, these moments in time
Sent down from the Heavens:  like ointments divine
They'll heal you and help you and calm all your will
When everything you're doing is anything but still..

Friday, June 3, 2016

Can we not pause now....

Listen in the morning to the sound of them singing
Birds in the branches with all their voices bringing
Songs of the Creator and of the day that is opening...
Can we not pause now and allow our souls some noticing?

Beautiful the soundings that soar through all the breezes
Creatures are awakening with a joy for so many reasons
Blessings are upon them and a beautiful ball of sunshine
Illuminates the universe with a radiance that is all Divine..

Turn off all the media, the radios, and the television
Allow yourself a  moment of the purest delightful vision:
A world so full of  wonder and a universe so full of beauty
Why would we want to trade it for something so transitory?

Yet we are so often caught up in the rat race that is around us
That we begin to accept that our happiness is in all of this fuss
Instead of seeing truly that the happiness that we are seeking
Is never inside of the promises that a consumer world is leaking

Thursday, June 2, 2016

God is breathing everywhere

Before the rest of the world is out
I step outside to hear the shout
Of tender seedlings touching air
Stretching from the earth with care

I see the movement of the breeze
Passing through the dancing trees
And feel the softness of the air
God is breathing everywhere...

In the skies so bright and blue
A cloud is taking form its true
And the birds of every kind
Are singing songs that calm the mind

On the earthen floor so small
Creep the crawlers one and all
Speaking sounds and sending sighs
We who listen will be wise

Once a day, for a minute or two
Is all it it would take for me and you
To tap into this world of ours
And see it as it heals our scars

Nature is a healing balm
It quiets the mind and gives us calm
It soothes the aches and gives us peace
It is the vessel of Divine Release

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I am in love with the angels......

I am in love with the angels:
their presence I truly adore
From the moment that I rise and wake up
and my feet are touching the floor
I can feel them, they are all around me
and I can see them: they are in my way
Speaking to me, through all of their music
with the songs that I can never play

Each morning that I am awakening
and each evening when I do fall sleep
These guardians are ever about me
and willing to watch and keep
Speaking to my soul and my conscience;
singing to my will and my heart
Secrets of the endlessness of Heaven
and of the times before everything did start

I am at loss for words when they are near me
and in need of nothing when they are around
They are carrying,from the Heavens: those morsels,
that enable my heart to pound
These angels and these guardian spirits;
these lights to my mind and my soul
Are with me for now and forever
and will hold  my hand till I reach my Goal

I touched His Fingerprints

I reached out into the atmosphere
And felt the Divine-ness ever near
I touched His Fingerprints, felt His Shine
Inside this sensitive heart of mine

And with my hearing I was able to hear
Things that are, too often, so unclear:
Like an angels spirit's humble voice
Humming quietly beneath our noise..

Then with eyes: all glassed and glazed;
I saw what made me feel amazed:
The world all beautiful, all aglow;
With messages and soundings I should know

Quietly being and quietly there
I was taken into spaces, known as prayer
With angel spirits and souls now past
I was the first and no longer the last...

Such are the moments each morning can bring
Angelic in nature but natural like spring
Refreshing the spirit, inviting the heart
Open to many.. who will make this start..?