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Friday, May 27, 2016

Turn off the TV and turn off the net...

Turn off the TV and turn off the net
Listen a moment and see what you get
Unplug the blue tooth and turn of the cell
Silence is calling: it's time to get well

Imagine a moment and imagine a time
When running is silenced, and stillness is fine
When rushing isn't needed, when slowness is cool
This is the moment, its beckoning you..

Soak in this morning and soak in the air
Breathe in the beauty, its given with care
Listen with an eagerness  the trees as they bend
They sing out with an energy but follow no trend...

Oh how many moments and how many hours
Have we passed by uncaringly, the fields full of flowers
And how many daylights and how many night skies
Have we not noticed really isn't such a surprise...

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