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Monday, May 23, 2016

This is the moment and this is the hour....

This is the moment and this is the hour
Time to be giving... no need for the power...
Walk with your sister and walk with your brother
Each one is equal: none greater than the other

All things are speaking and all things are glowing
Everything is created with a beauty that's showing
All of the created ones and all of the universe
Each one is echoing, the Infinite One's Sacred Verse...

We are, all of us,  breathing;'the same breath of His  Endless Grace
No matter our location; each one of us are inside of His Space
How utterly Unselfish and how giving this Being:...
He watches and waits for us; while, from Him we're fleeing

We think that we've found it:  all the secret to happiness
We empty our purses and our bank accounts to purchase it
How far from the truth and how blindly we've been walking
The happiness we've been seeking is inside of us talking....

Not with our own fingers or minds can we capture it
But within our own spirits we are able to merit it
So despite all of our trying and all of our pursuing
We're, all of us, famished; because  we don't know what we're doing..

Once we have seen it and once we have known it
All else will fail and we'll recognize what's salient..
But we run with our wildness  and we run without  direction
Until we can see it: what is ours,,, by connection.

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