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Monday, May 16, 2016

The gun that killed Trayvon Martin......

Shame on you who make mockery of death

The gun that killed the young Trayvon
Is now in Auction... oh man..come on....
Have you no shame; have you know sense...?
The Heavens will exact his recompense

I blush at hearing this all today;
Though this took place so far away...
You wave your trophy; you ask for bids?
Your mind is warp... your conscience skids..

The bowels of earth will eat you up;
And someday you'll know the great lock up.
You slid right passed the justice here;
But Heaven will sentence you ..don't you fear?

It's like you're looking for your last hurrah:
But making money with hatred won't get you far
Like Judas who sold his Friend in greed
Your fate will mirror his..yes indeed..

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