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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Look outside this morning......................

Look outside this morning and see everything that is around you
Beautifulness is in blossom and Heaven's breath is passing through
Dancing through the dew drops and resting quietly on all the plantlets
Do not let any of this pass you and take nothing of it for granted....

The quietest violet that is hidden and the noisiest wind that is roaring
Is waking us up, from our slumber; with a challenge that is, all but boring
To venture out into the gathering of the createdness that is glowing;
This is our most wonderful privilege, from the highest Heavens overflowing

But with we with all of our sluggishness are dragging ourselves around this:
Not noticing the little blessings that are carrying out to us the Heavenly kiss..
WE need so much to feel them: all these touches of  the many breezes
Let us no be so spiritually slothful that we make up so many excuses and reasons..

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